Kytelers Inn Facemask

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  • €15.00

Kytelers Inn Facemask by Velorevolution.

Kytelers Inn has joined forces with local company Velorevolution to bring you a Kytelers Inn branded mask with a washable and reusable filter.

The unique filter systems allow you to wash and reuse the mask without damaging the quality of the fabric. Includes 1 filter.

These masks/coverings are non-returnable and non-refundable.

- Super soft and breathable fabric (80% Lycra/20% Elastan. The Internal Filter x 1 is 100% External Polyester and 100% Internal Polypropylene with a Filtration Value Type of 98%). On this filter, there are 2 sides, the side with the squares is internal facing and the side with the lines is external facing.
- Slot for Replaceable Filters is internal and the filter fits within a pocket to allow for removal/insertion, you should not need to replace it unless it is damaged but we will have filters. (we recommend changing filter after 40 washes)
- Comfortable Elastic Ear Loops that don't pull.
- 5 Layers.

Method of Disinfection for Re-Use:
- Machine Wash at Max 40c, you can wash many times. Use non-bio and do not use tumble dryer. (we recommend putting inside a net wash bag, replace filter after 40 washes)
- Steam carefully on both sides with a steam Iron for a few minutes. Do not touch the mask directly when doing this. The High temperature of steam is very effective.
- Hand Washable with hot water up to 60/70c. (please be careful)
- Microwave in a closed container in temps around 90c.
- Spray with Water and Denaturated Alcohol 90 or ethyl solution.
- After last use, please put in bag, seal and place in non-recyclable rubbish.